How to claim your digital AIPMM badge

Step 1 – Accept your badge

When you achieve your certification, you will receive an email invitation from “AIPMM via Credly” to accept your badge (subject line = “You’ve been given credit”).

Click the “Save and Share” button in your invitation. You will be automatically directed to the Credly website, where you will create an account.

Step 2 – Create a Credly account (or sign-in if your are an existing user)

The key to making the Credly award/acceptance process work is your email address. By default, AIPMM will use whatever email address is currently in our database.

The first time you set up your Credly account, use the email address that AIPMM used to award your badge(s). Then, if you prefer to use a different email address for your Credly account, follow the instructions in this article by Credly

Step 3 – View your badges

Login to your Credly account and click the “Save and Share” button.

The first time you accept an Open Badge from AIPMM, you are required to accept the badge through the Credly website. Check the box for “Trust Issuer.” This will set up an automatic process so that future badges awarded to you by AIPMM are automatically accepted and displayed in your Credly account.

Now you will see the badges you have been awarded on the “Earned” tab. (Credly automatically awards you a Credly badge for creating an account.)

Because you checked the box for “Trust Issuer,” your AIPMM Open Badge will display a letter “T” on a green shield.

Step 4 – Manage, share and display your Open Badges

Share-with-social-mediaHover over a badge and click on the “Manage” button to reveal badge details and management features.

Share your Open Badges by linking them to social media

Step 5 – Visit the AIPMM Open Badges website

Notice that the title of your Open Badge (e.g., Certified Product Manager) appears on the badge itself and also in blue lettering at the bottom of your badge, above the name of the issuer (AIPMM).

Click on the blue title to navigate to the AIPMM Open Badges website. Your badge will open in a webpage titled Certificate of Authenticity.

The AIPMM Certificate of Authenticity

The Certificate of Authenticity webpage provides visitors with important links to information about AIPMM Open Badges, the work required to receive an Open Badge from AIPMM, and the AIPMM organization (the badge issuer).

When you share your badges through social media and someone clicks on a AIPMM badge you’ve shared, the badge will open in the Certificate of Authenticity webpage at the AIPMM website. Viewed in this context, the visitor will understand that the badge you’ve shared is an authenticate credential.

Remember, when you accept your first Open Badge from AIPMM checking the box for “Trust Issuer” means that all future badges issued to you by AIPMM will automatically open in the Certificate of Authenticity webpage and will be automatically accepted and displayed in your Credly account. You only need to visit your Credly account when you want to manage your badges.