What AIPMM certification stands for:

Why you should hire a Certified Product Manager:

  • Managing your company’s products is essential to have a winning operation. You need the very best people managing your product lines.
  • Certified product management increases the confidence of your customers, investors and business partners, and elevates your organization’s credibility, reputation and value.
  • Certified CPMs are a highly-select group.
  • Passing the exams is demanding and earning the CPM requires passing an exam in a time pressured environment.

Why you don’t want to lose a Certified Product Manager from your staff:

  • CPM’s create standard processes that reduce overhead and make cross functional teams more effective and efficient. Lose a CPM and you lose ground on your competition.
  • CPM’s create environments for continuous learning to incorporate improvements into subsequent releases of a product. Lose the CPM, lose the lessons learned from the last product development cycle.
  • CPM’s are CEOs in training. Keep your CPM’s and you have a ready supply of seasoned managers to grow new product lines, divisions, and provide a supply of CEO replacement candidates for succession planning. Lose your CPMs and you take a step back in the natural succession planning